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Hiking in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Taking a hike on the Appalachian Trail through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area makes for an enjoyable and scenic walk. Starting from the Ranger Station on Interstate 80, the trail to Sunfish pond is a great day’s hike for the beginner. Another trail to Sunfish pond is 4 miles up Copper Mine Rd to the parking area next to Worthington State Forest Campground. This trail is shorter but it’s a steaper climb.

Continue on the trail past Sunfish Pond and you’ll see the “big green pipe” which is actually a water turbine used for generating power. At night, they pump water uphill from the lower reservoir and during the daytime they let the water run down the big green pipe through turbines to generate electricity.

Located in NJ, this park runs parallel to the river near Washington’s Crossing. The trail along the canal makes a perfect hiking/bicycling trail with great fishing opportunities. Hiking opportunities also available on the PA side of the river in Washington’s Crossing State Park.

The 60-mile long Delaware Canal towpath runs from Easton Pa to Bristol Pa and is a National Heritage Hiking Trail. Once trod by mule teams pulling cargo-laden boats along the canal, the towpath is used today by walkers, joggers, bicyclists, cross-country skiers and bird watchers. For 30 miles, the Delaware Canal towpath parallels New Jersey’s D&R Canal towpath, separated only by the Delaware River. Six bridges link the two trails.