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Camping on the Delaware River

Camping on the banks of the Delaware River has brought many memorable experiences in my life. I have vivid memories as a child going on our yearly family camping trip. Today, I camp with my children in the very same campsite. Below is a bunch of useful links for camping along or near the Delaware River.


Watch out for those pesky BEARS!

In the northern parts of the river, many areas are infested with black bears. Always keep this in mind when storing food around the campsite. Last summer, my future brother-in-law was taking his afternoon nap when he was awaken by the sound of busting glass. When getting up to investigate, he found a large black bear had busted out the window of his car and was sitting in the rear seat eating out of his cooler. He was almost killed when he decided to open the door and tell the bear to depart. The bear just growled at him like a vicious dog then proceeded to chase him around the campsite. After giving up on him, the bear returned to the car and finished his lunch. Bears that hang around campgrounds are not afraid of people and will attack if provoked. Always store your food in the trunk if possible.

Keep an eye on the weather!

Has it been raining the past few days? Will it rain again in the next few days? These are questions campers need to ask themselves before camping on the banks of the Delaware. The river rises very fast especially during a heavy thunderstorm. And if the ground is already saturated, you could be in danger of being swept away in floodwaters. This is particularly important for people planning to camp on one of the many islands in the Delaware River. These islands are only a few feet above the water level during normal conditions and can easily be submerged during an overnight period. Also heavy rain upstream could cause temporary flooding downstream even if no rain had fallen in the area.