How To Explore The Delaware River

A great way to experience the Delaware River is by canoe. In fact, there is no better way to experience the river than by canoe. The recommendation is to go when the river is at its highest crest. This is usually late March or early April, depending on the amount of mountain snow run-off. Needless to say, this year changes that rule. Not much in the way of winter precipitation this year.

Know the Starting Point to better Explore The Delaware River

Calicoon is a good place to start. A two person canoe trip is a great way to experience the river. For most of the distance between Calicoon and Skinner’s Falls, you’ll enjoy a great ride as well as experience some breathtaking scenery. Be prepared to know exactly where Skinner’s Falls is located and make sure to stop just ahead of where the rapids begin. This time will allow you to stow your gear, so as not to lose it. At this point it would be wise to tighten up the lifejacket. And now off to the ride of one’s life.

The Delaware River with canoeists

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Before actually beginning this stretch of the river it would be advisable for both participants to move back one compartment in the canoe and be in a kneeling position when utilizing the paddles. This, sometimes, keeps the canoe from capsizing. The best way to keep from capsizing is never stop paddling. Yes, indeed, you are going to get wet. It is also a great experience. In fact, one might consider physically carrying the canoe back to the top of the falls and doing it all over again. In fact, maybe several times. This part of the river is the most exciting part of all.

Explore The Delaware River While Enjoying the Scenery

Beginning the next stage of the river allows time for relaxation as well as some more breathtaking sceneries. For most of this stage that is the case, however, there is always, what you refer to as, fast water, white water, or rapids around as well, though not to the extent of Skinner’s Falls. These areas usually happen where there are rocks or around train trestles. When approaching these parts of the river, one must be careful to take precautions, such as moving from the seat to one’s knees, as these parts of the river can still be an ordeal to navigate successfully. For the bigger part of this stage it is quite relaxing. That pretty much sets the scene for this stage of the river.

The stretch run of this excursion will ultimately, terminate at Minisink Ford. This stretch of the trip is also a great way to experience, yet once again, the breathtaking scenery. All in all, the experience of this escapade literally puts you in touch with the unforgettable Delaware River. The recommendation is to experience this annually.

Experiencing the Delaware River can also happen from dry land. This will allow for an extremely memorable experience. Take time to observe the wildlife as well as the scenery. These vivid memories will last a lifetime in your mind. For those with amnesia, remember to take pictures. This is also a great way to share your experience with others. Ones who may not get this opportunity will most likely appreciate a second hand description of this experience.

Continuing this experience from dry land would not be complete without camping under the stars for at least one overnight period. If not under the stars directly, then at least from a tent or cabin.  Be sure and get the full experience by cooking meals in these great outdoors. A late night viewing of several galaxies is a splendid way to end the day.

There are additional ways in which to have awesome experiences on the river. Whether it be swimming directly in the river, rafting or otherwise. Rope riding from one side of the river to the other is also an unforgettable experience. Be certain of the fact that there are endless ways to experience the Delaware River in all its glory. It should be of greater consequence, again to share  these experiences with others who may not get this opportunity for one reason or another.

Remember! Whatever activity you undertake on The Delaware River, be sure to take professional safety advice and follow all recommended safety procedures.

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