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Delaware River Gap Hiking

From the beautiful flora of the great covered meadows to the withering heights of its prestigious mountains, Delaware is truly a hiker’s paradise. There’s nowhere else in the northeast you can find such awe-inspiring natural beauty, captivating historical landmarks, and well groomed trails than in Delaware. You’ll find trails for simple family outings or the more rugged bivouac enthusiast. Great rivers and ponds dot the landscape as you search for that perfect fishing spot, or simply just the need to dip your toes in the water after a long day of fresh air and sunshine.

View from the cliffs above the Delaware River in the Delaware Water Gap. Photo taken by Michael Parker – original source. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Running between New Jersey and Delaware is the ever famous Water Gap, full of natural splendor for all ages to enjoy. Flanked by plenty of parking and service areas, you’re never too far from civilization. Keep a lookout; you might just trip over a piece of history as the Water Gap was once a home for Native American and Dutch people alike. The Gap was also involved in the French and Indian War.

If you didn’t come for the history, you might want to stay for the natural beauty, as Delaware provides some of the most majestic plains and mountains to behold. Great lakes, rivers and ponds dot the land as you traverse the Appalachian Trail. With some of the highest waterfalls in the tri-state area, you’ll want to take a picture before it takes your breath away. Don’t ignore that breaking tree branch; you might miss a glimpse of a Black bear lumbering in the distance or a Bald Eagle swooping down to cross a pond.

Delaware Water Gap, as seen from the Appalachian Trail at Mount Minsi, Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those of you who think that the trails are just a Sunday drive, I’d turn your attention to the prevalence of Rattlesnakes and Hemlock plants in the general area. Imagine hiking the Appalachian Trail, like so few do every year, beating back the elements to stand out on top of the pack having taken on the ultimate American adventure. Imagine the jealous faces of your friends as you stand atop Walpack Ridge with a great big grin on your face.

Delaware could not be a better place to spend quality time reflecting on your life, or just starting it. Clear your mind and let all the stress and anxiety of the daily grind fall where it may lay. Bond with your friends or relatives like you never did before. You’ll never forget your time in Delaware and who knows, Delaware might not forget you.

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