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Camping on the Delaware River

The Delaware River is a historic landmark in U.S. history. Many Americans can only name a handful of rivers in the United States. These include The Colorado River, the Mississippi River, and the Delaware River – being the most common.

The Delaware River is famous obviously as being where George Washington crossed on Christmas day, 1776, to fight off the British troupes in Trenton, New Jersey. I wouldn’t suggest you to try to cross it in the dead of winter, but camping on the banks of it can be a very wonderful vacation. The temperature, while cold in the winter, can be very pleasant in the summer and spring times. There are beautiful forests on either side of the river for miles. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is a beautiful area for camping and tourists to visit the area, and is one of the more popular stops along the river for visitors.

Camping along the Delaware river can provide days of fun and enjoyment. Along with seeing the beautiful outdoors, you can canoe, boat, fish, swim, or even Kayak on the river while you are camping there. There are park facilities in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area that can be used by individuals and groups while enjoying the great outdoors. Besides the water activities, there are over 27 miles of the Appalachian Trail in the area, so there is plenty of hiking and exploring available while you camp. If water activities are not your thing, there are plenty of other outdoor activities allowed by the river. Horseback riding, rock climbing and biking are all popular. Hunting is allowed (with permits and under regulation, of course), as well as eagle / bird watching, picnicking, or even just leisurely drives through the wilderness.

Above and beyond all the beauty of the park and river is the historical significance of the spot. You may feel awestruck as you gaze over the peaceful waters and reflect on how many great people crossed that river. Your feet could be standing in the exact spot where George Washington looked out over the river and risked his life to help free our country. Gazing out over the water, especially if you decide to visit in the winter time, you can feel the chill in the air. You can see the frost on your breath, and you can think about the tremendous courage those men had to cross the river in the freezing cold on makeshift boats, with full knowledge that if they fell in they would most likely be swept away and die from the cold. Gazing through the trees you can also reflect on the great beauty of the land. Thousands of pictures have been painted about the beauty of the Delaware River, both in capturing the historic crossing as well as just displaying the raw beauty of Mother Nature. The area is so beautiful that it was actually touted as one of the Wonder’s of the World before being formed as a recreational area.

The Delaware River separates Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and as such camp grounds in the Delaware Water Shed fall both in Pennsylvania as well as New Jersey. One campsite on the Pennsylvania side of the park is the Dingman’s Campground (GPS 41.210694 -74.872154). This site has many different types of campgrounds available along the Delaware River. They have rustic tent campsites, which they have actually reduced the prices of to allow camping to be more affordable to families. They have 34 wooded campsites with water and electric campsites as well, allowing you to camp in style. RVs, Travel Trailers, or even just small pop ups can now have fresh running water right at your fingertips, as well as electricity for lights and stoves. This makes the campgrounds not only affordable, and beautiful, but very convenient to camp at, as well, especially for those who can’t go without modern conveniences.

Not to be outdone, the New Jersey side has the Worthington State Forest Campground (GPS 40.995815 -75.120289). This campsite has 69 tent and trailer sites, all complete with fire rings and picnic tables. 77 campsites have toilets and showers! A boat ramp is available for easily getting onto the river, and there are many local outfitters that rent kayaks and canoes. Three group sites even allow camping of up to 35 people each, allowing you to have a large gathering or multifamily trip to the Delaware River. The entire recreation area has no entrance fees, and so the only costs are for the extended facilities that you are actually going to use. This allows for an amazing time for the whole family that you can visit again and again without worries about the cost.

Dingmans Falls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Appalachian Trail is the longest footpath in the world. It is over 2000 miles long, and is continuously marked the entire length. Over 27 miles of it goes through the Delaware Watershed Recreational Area, allowing you to combine one of the most famous hiking adventures available in the United States with one of the most beautiful and historic locations in the US. The remoteness of the area guarantees a large variety of wildlife in the area, which will allow campers and hikers the opportunity to see a very diverse animal population. Over a hundred different types of birds, fish, and small game just within this small area of the Appalachian Trail will make for days of constant discovery and nights of endless wonder.

As you can see, the Delaware River, while being a beautiful and Historic landmark in its own right, also is surrounded by fabulous trails, amazing campgrounds, and a diverse animal population. Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall – each different climate will lead to a different adventure, different sites to see, and different memories for you and those who go with you. It is fun for the whole family and an adventure of a lifetime for the active adult. It has more than enough wonder and adventure to last you for a lifetime. Camping on the Delaware will be an experience that you never forget. If you have the chance, this one is definitely an easy choice.

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